Old-Time Pharmaceuticals Live Performance and Broadcast from the Las Cruces Farmers & Crafts Market

Thanks to KTAL Community Radio, all five of the Old-Time Pharmaceuticals got to perform and broadcast live from the Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market this autumnal Saturday morning! We had a world of fun bringing music to the joyous bustle of the market, and if you want to join in, you can listen toContinue reading “Old-Time Pharmaceuticals Live Performance and Broadcast from the Las Cruces Farmers & Crafts Market”

Fall Teaser from New Album: “The Sidheóg”

Happy fall, everybody! While we’re putting together the next full album, Sing a Little Too Loud and Long, here’s a teaser track from our early recording sessions: “The Sidheóg.” Across almost all cultures, the simultaneously beneficent and brutal powers of nature have been, at one point or another, represented as nature gods or spirits—fickle andContinue reading “Fall Teaser from New Album: “The Sidheóg””

OTP Album #2 in the Works!

We’re excited to share that work on the second Old-Time Pharmaceuticals album is underway! For the next collection of songs, we’ll be bottling the spirit of a harvest-time jam session in a hay barn, with a goodly set of folktales and ghost stories thrown into the mix. The tentative release date is late summer/early fallContinue reading “OTP Album #2 in the Works!”

UK Songwriting Contest Identifies Some Great Folk Songs (Including “Joan and Victor Jara”)

The UK Songwriting Contest results are in, and the folk finalist section is crammed full of great songs! Some of our favorites are Scott Cook’s “Say Can You See” (https://www.scottcook.net/tunes), which deservedly won the category; “Alaska,” by Anna Renae (https://soundcloud.com/annarenaemusic/alaska); and “Errand Lasses and Buffer Girls,” by Pamela Ward and Paul Cherrington (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlgDymg_KzI). If you’reContinue reading “UK Songwriting Contest Identifies Some Great Folk Songs (Including “Joan and Victor Jara”)”

“Roots and Honey” and Radio Charts

Contentedly filled with holiday chocolates and the last of the canned goods from the pandemic’s beginning, we bear glad tidings as 2020 sputters to a close: Roots & Honey has now spent five straight months on the Folk Alliance International Radio Charts, including a brief peek, gopher-like, into the top 40! It’s been an honorContinue reading ““Roots and Honey” and Radio Charts”

Radio Play Update #1

As people who get excited about arbitrary numbers, we’re happy to share that Roots & Honey has now gotten airplay on 10 radio shows! -“Music in the Air” on WWOV 101.1 in West Virginia-“Catskill’s Café” on WIOX 91.3 in New York-“Music You Can’t Hear on the Radio” on WPBR 103.3 in New Jersey-“Tue Am Mix”Continue reading “Radio Play Update #1”

First “Roots & Honey” Review Published

Bill Golembeski of Folking.com wrote a fantastic and insightful review of Roots & Honey–check it out at https://folking.com/old-time-pharmaceuticals-roots-honey-own-label/. Alongside poetic commentary on Roots & Honey, Bill offers encyclopedic knowledge of the folk music world, and his review just might introduce you to multiple great bands!