Fall Teaser from New Album: “The Sidheóg”

Happy fall, everybody! While we’re putting together the next full album, Sing a Little Too Loud and Long, here’s a teaser track from our early recording sessions: “The Sidheóg.”

Across almost all cultures, the simultaneously beneficent and brutal powers of nature have been, at one point or another, represented as nature gods or spirits—fickle and powerful, beautiful and dangerous. The Middle East has the jinn; Greece has the daimones; Scandinavia, the huldre; Japan, the kami; Ireland . . . well, Ireland has the sidhe, or sidheóg. All of these mythologized beings facilitate reverence and terror in the face of a dually nurturing and hostile reality, which struck Pat as a natural source for a song: so, here’s “The Sidheóg.”

The Sidheóg

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