Why “Old-Time Pharmaceuticals”?
Partly because it makes us chuckle, and partly because it alludes to old-time music, but mainly because we’re actually serious about music as a drug  (both recreational and therapeutic). Songs can transport us across time and distance, let us feel the experiences the songs describe, build empathy, change our heart rates and breathing patterns, sync our brainwaves with the people we’re singing along with . . . this is some powerful stuff. Song is a pharmaceutical, and since it’s at least as old as our species, it’s pretty old-time too.

Did you write this stuff?
Probably! Abby and Pat both write, and if a song is on this website, we wrote it. We do covers in performances (mainly traditional songs), but we’ll let you know when we do.

Can I buy a CD?
At long last, the answer is yes! You can get a physical copy of the debut OTP album, Roots & Honey, through the “Music” page of this website. You can also download the album through iTunes or plenty of other platforms–just search for “Old-Time Pharmaceuticals.”

Want a tune that’s not on the album? You can get demos and performance recordings if you send an email and ask nicely. They’re free, especially if you mean to share them.

May I record or perform an OTP song?
You bet! Learn how here.

Why don’t you play out more?
Abby does! You can hear her with SnR. Pat’s helping to start a makerspace.

Do you do house concerts?
Yes! Barn concerts, too. Send an email.

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