Why “Old-Time Pharmaceuticals”?
First, because it makes us chuckle. Then, because it alludes to old-time and traditional music, which we love, and then because it references the fun and potentially healing power of music. It also sounds a little sketchy and pokes fun of itself, and we like that too.

Did you write this stuff?
Probably! Abby and Pat both write, and if a song is on this website, we wrote it. We do covers in performances, but we’ll let you know when we do.

Can I buy a CD?
Not yet, but you can get demos and performance recordings if you send an email and ask nicely. They’re free, especially if you mean to share them.

Why don’t you play out more?
Abby does! You can hear her with SnR. Pat’s a grad student.

Do you do house concerts?
Yes! Barn concerts, too. Send an email.