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The debut Old-Time Pharmaceuticals album, Roots & Honey, is now available!

You can listen to the songs in the little music player below, and if you’d like to support the band by buying a digital copy of the album, we’d recommend going through our Bandcamp page. You can get the album pretty much anywhere, though!

You can also get a physical copy directly from us for US$20, plus $5 shipping and handling:

Roots & Honey album purchase button

20% of album revenues go to charity: 10% to the Victor Jara Foundation and 10% to the Robert Smalls International Academy.

Album Tracks

The Rose of Ben Nishaere
Ramblin’ After Rain
Weigh Haul Away
In the Dark Missouri’s Mud
Midnight Train
Captain Robert Smalls
Joan and Victor Jara
Row Me Over Jordan
The Peteport Fisher
Who’s the One
Lullaby of the Sky
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